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We are here for your IT and Poultry solutions

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What we do

We provide customized application integration solutions to help your business minimize cost and maximize profit. We also provide remote network support through our secured managed IT services. We again, provide consultancy services to our numerous poultry farmers accross the country.

LayerFields Technologies boasts of a long presence in the growing IT infrastructure industry, in Ghana. We’re the leaders in developing a digital economy in the region through our expertise in systems integration, software development, and IT skill-development programs. We’re committed to seeing Ghana emerge as the leader in IT skills and services. It is our pride to be the preferred partner for several leading government and private sector organisations when it comes to IT Solutions. Our business solutions have helped industry leaders in poultry farming, banking and finance, the oil and petroleum products, telecommunications, trading, and manufacturing achieve transformative success.

Our Services

Continous Vulnerability Assessment, Web Development, Penetration Testing, Switching & Routing Configuration, Network Defense Implementation, Poultry debeaking, Poultry Vaccination, Biosecurity, Egg Production and retailing.

You will never regret choosing us as your business partner